Main Course

Arni Psito
(Lamb On The Spit) 1/2 Kilo $18.50

Lamb Plate
Served w/BBQ Lamb, Salad, Rice, Tzatziki, Bread $16.00

Souvlaki Plate
Served w/2 Pork Souvlaki, Salad, Rice, Tzatziki, Bread $14.75

Gyros Plate
Served w/ Wrapped Gyros Salad, Rice, Tzatziki $14.75

Vegetarian Plate
Served w/ Spanakopita, Salad, Rice, Tzatziki $12.50


Greek Coffee $3.00
Regular Coffee $2.50
Frappe (iced Coffee) $3.75
Soft Drinks/Juices/Bottled Water $2.50


Baklava $4.00
(Filo Pastry, Honey, Nuts)

Loukoumades $4.00
(Greek Doughnuts)

Kourambiedes $3.75
(Cookies w/ Icing Sugar)

Koulouria $3.75
(Greek Cookies)

Bousatsa $4.00
(Filo Pastry, Custard)

Appetizers & Snacks

Horiatiki $6.75
(Greek Salad)

Spanakopita $5.75
(Spinach Pie)

Souvlaki $5.75
(Pork and Bread)

Wrapped Souvlaki $7.75
(Pork, Pita, Tzatziki)

Gyros $7.75
(Sliced Meat, Pita, Tzatziki)

Houmos or Tzatziki & Pita $5.00

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